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AJAX Parts
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Rings and Packing - Ajax power/ compressor packing and piston rings
Compressor Valves - Compressor valves, springs, plates, gaskets for various sizes and models
- Valves can be sold Exchange/ Outright purchase
Ajax Lube Boxes - Ajax Lube Boxes
Exchange Heads - Ajax compressor and engine power end heads
- Exchange/ Outright Purchase
Compressor Rods
& Piston Rings
- Ajax compressor rods and piston rings
Exchange Cylinders - Ajax compressor power cylinders
- Exchange/ Outright Purchase
Coonecting Rod Bearings - Ajax compressor/power coonecting rod bearings, bushings, and pins
Engine Power Cylinders - Ajax Engine power cylinders
- Exchange/ Outright Purchase
Power Piston Assembly - New Ajax power piston assembly
Governors - Ajax governors for all sizes
- Exchange/ Outright Purchase
Throttle Valves - Ajax throttle valves, fan hubs, idlers, injection pumps, etc.
- Exchange/ Outright Purchase
Injection Valves - Ajax injection valves for regular dirty burn units, as well as lean burn units.
- Exchange/ Outright Purchase
Water Pumps - Ajax water pumps
- Exchange/ Outright Purchase
Gaskets & Repair Parts - Ajax gaskets, head gaskets, o-rings, seals, repair kits for governors, injection valves, etc.
Radiators - Ajax radiators both rebuilt and with new cores
Crankshafts - Ajax Crankshafts
- Exchange/ Outright Purchase
Power/ Compressor Connecting
Rods and Crossheads
- Ajax power/ compressor connecting rods and crossheads
Ajax Products