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About Us

Canadian Pipe & Supply Co.

Canadian Pipe & Supply Co., Inc. founded in 1986, provides a wide range of services and parts for a variety of different oilfield and natural gas compression applications. We are a family owned independent supply company serving the Mid-Continent area.

We started out as mostly a pipe and pipe fittings supply company. As the years have gone and markets changed we now specialize in the natural gas compression parts and compressor sales area. We stock parts for Ajax engines and compressors, as well as parts for Arrow, Gemini, and Fairbanks engines. As well as the actual compressor and engine parts we carry all miscellaneous fittings, belts, gauges, ignition, and liquid controls for most oilfield applications. We also sell a variety of Ajax compressors both field run and rebuilt units.

We also have a machine shop on site, Sooner Machine & Equipment Co., Inc., which specializes in making pistons, piston rings, and rods for Ajax units. We can do all other machine based services such as milling, drilling, facing, fabricating, welding, and all lathe work. Over the years we have strived to serve our customers and provide them with the quality of work that a family owned, independent supply company can provide.